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    Flash Builder 4 beta 2 Debug deployment


      Flashbuilder hangs nearly very time I try and deploy (via debug) my _trivial_ application (see http://anirudhs.chaosnet.org/blog/2009.10.12.html for the tutorial i'm trying to follow). Flash builder goes in to a 'Building workspace' mode and stays at 0%. I have tried restarting flash builder, restarting computer, reinstalling flashbuilder, etc all to no avail. It has worked _once_ in about 20 attempts. I have switched off 'Build Automatically' for the workspace, to no avail. While I don't get the 'Building workspace' message, it pops up the browser window and then the browser window just sits there. The browser never loads the app. I've tried this using chrome and firefox. After force quitting flash builder the flash application comes up in the browser.


      If I choose to run the app, rather than debug it, it appears to work consistently. I installed the 'debug' version of flash player 10 (as directed when I first attempted to debug the application) from http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html#fp10.


      Any ideas?




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          As always, 5 minutes after posting I think I figure out the issue. On that one attempt that worked I set various breakpoints trying to debug something. On subsequent attempts to debug the app, flash builder never opened up the debug perspective (even though during that previous session I said to always open it up). I guess flash builder was sitting at a breakpoint waiting for me to do hit the continue button. After clearing all my breakpoints debugging worked. Of course, I can't reproduce the issue anymore.. even after setting a number of breakpoints flash builder is always taking me to the debug perspective now. I guess I just havn't found that 'magic' breakpoint yet since this (flash not opening debug perspective when hitting a breakpoint) has happened to me twice - the initial install and subsequent install of flash builder - while trying to debug the same issue...



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            Is't that just always the way. I do it all the time. I think posting a problem seems to be the one sure fire way of it instantly being fixed.









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