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    css problems, pls?


      Hi All:

           I'm really confused by the function of the 'css' in different places.


           1. Project Manager -> Style Sheets -> *.css

               This is the style that all my topics adopt? And only one *.css can show up here? What if i want to use another one?


           2. Single Source Layouts -> Microsoft HTML Help ->Properities -> Additional Options -> Apply to all Topics -> css

                How does this function? What's the differece between this and Style sheets in the project manager?


           3. File -> Project Settings -> Import -> CSS for Style Mapping.


           Can someone be kind enough to explain these to me? Thanks A LOT.

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          Willam van Weelden Adobe Community Professional & MVP



          The style sheets in the project manager are the regular stylesheets. You can have more that one (I have six) and you use those for your topics. (In the topic properties).


          For Single Source Layouts you can choose to apply a style sheet to all your topics, ignoring the style sheets you have set in the topics.


          The import style sheet is used to map the styles of a document to your style sheet. You can specify a style sheet for this, otherwise Robo will create a new style sheet based on the styles in the document you import.


          Hope this helps, greet,



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            RobWer1 Level 1

            I am no expert but lonely like you and here's my twopenceworth:


            1. Project Manager -> Style Sheets -> *.css

            The Default CSS is created at project start.

            In addtion, when you import or link a book, a css file is created for each book file.


            I read somewhere that it is worhtwhile creating a dummy topic just to produce a CSS file called RHStyleMapping to use as the single CSS for all topics as you mention in step 2.

            The RHStyleMapping.css file is created when you add a new topic at the start of the project and link the new topic to the RHStyleMapping.css.

            When you create the new topic, select the Appearance tab in the New Topic dialog and select RHStyleMapping.css as the CSS for the project.

            Apply the CSS to all topics as in your step 2 below:



                 2. Single Source Layouts -> Microsoft HTML Help ->Properities -> Additional Options -> Apply to all Topics -> css

                     Applies to all topics in the project and consolidates all your settings in one place.


                 3. File -> Project Settings -> Import -> CSS for Style Mapping.

            I think this specifies which CSS is used to convert your documents when you link or import them. The radio buttons below specifiy how you do  this although i dont quite understand what the settings by reference and copy and link do . Perhaps someone else can offer an explanation.


            In the Import > Framemaker Document, click Edit to load Conversion Settings. When you select a style the corresponding Robohelp style displays as [Source] meaning the source style that imported with the Frame document but you can select a Robohelp style and add you own. All changes to existing styles and additions are recorded in the CSS you assigned to all topics.


            I hope this information helps

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              PerfectlyLonely Level 1

              Thank you guys for your detailed explanations.


              Merry Xmas!!!