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    Why is Adobe Reader displaying predominantly in B&W?


      While setting up a different XP computer (Dell 430 with XP SP3) I found certain PDF documents were not displaying with proper colors.  Were mainly in B&W with just a little color.  The same file displays properly with various versions of Adobe Reader on other computers.


      A file that would not display properly is (London Tube Map).


      I've uploaded a JPEG of what the bad display looks like - If you know the London Underground map you will see the problem!

      Problem exists when viewing as an Internet Explorer 7.0 plug-in or with downloaded version of same file.

      I checked all Reader preference settings particulary Accessibility - all seem the same as on a working computer

      I updated Reader from 8.1.3 to 9.2 - problem remains.

      I uninstalled / re-installed Reader - problem remains

      I updated my Intel GMA graphics driver - problem remains

      Any idea? - Thanks

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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Could be insufficient RAM or hard disk space. It could be a driver issue. Try turning off any video acceleration.

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            dennisn123 Level 1

            Thanks Michael.

            Problem remains.

            I have plenty of RAM an Disk space.

            I have tried turning off graphics acceleration - Display Properties - Settings - Advanced - Troubleshoot - None + disabled Write Combining all to no effect.

            I had have the latest Dell supported 945GM Graphics driver.  However, I did download and install a much newer driver directly from Intel.  Intially got message to say 'this driver not validated for my computer', but did a work around using an 'install from disk procedure'.

            New driver works but the PDF display problem remains as before.

            I then deinstalled and reinstalled Adopbe Reader 9.2 yet again, but still problem remains.

            Anyone got any further suggestions?