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    Quality issues w export to MPEG2-DVD

    SteveS&K Enterprises Level 1

      I'm using CS4, creating moving still images, some directly in the timeline and some from After Effects. The pictures (imported at resolutions above the timeline SD widescreen rate and then scaled down) in the timeline in the Program box and on my separate monitor (through Matrox breakout box) look clear and sharp. However the DVD created comes out noticably softer (like it's slightly out of focus).

      To create the DVD file I use File/Export/Media; then in Media Encoder I set :

           Format: MPEG2-DVD

           Video: Quality @ 5

           Widescreen (which is how the program is set)

           Bitrate Encoding: CBR

           Bitrate: 7

           from the drop-down menu I checked Use Maximum Render Quality

      To compare the original timeline to the DVD file, I imported the resulting MPEG2 file and added it to a video track above the original picture video track, so I could toggle between the two to compare them.

      Am I missing something here? I would really like to get a DVD to look as good as the Premiere timeline.

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          dradeke Adobe Employee

          A lot depends on the source material here - how much motion content, etc.  There are a lot of articles and tutorials on encoding as it is still somewhat of an art form.


          Some thoughts or ideas for you to consider:

          1. Consider using VBR (Variable Bit Rate) which will use your data rate more effectively in some cases
          2. use two pass CBR (or 2-pass VBR).  This will give it extra quality by looking at it twice.  It will take longer to encode.
          3. Look at the output preview tab when in the export media to view what a frame would look like (sometimes it helps)
          4. Render short segments of test media to help you find the best settings for your source material.
          5. You might consider a 3rd party encoding program if you really need that extra 10% - Sorenson Squeeze and On2's Flix are both good products.  Other guys here will chime in with some inexpensive alternatives - maybe VisualHub.
          6. MPEG2 breaks down most when you have high motion content.  things like a wide shot of a tree with the wind blowing through it drives MPEG2 crazy. 


          Hope this helps,


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            On2's Flix?

            Did you mean CINEMA CRAFT Dennis?

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              SteveS&K Enterprises Level 1

              Thanks Dradeke,

              I'll try some of those tests over the weekend to see if I can accomplish a more acceptable MPEG2 conversion.