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    Extend 2880 limit for the glow filter


      I am using glow filter to apply border effect around the text, but the glow filter does not work if some stretch the text beyond 2880. Is there any way to increase this limit or make it work even if text size is larger than 2880. Or is there any other way to apply border around text which works in all the cases.



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          This happened to me too. At the time I didn't find any solution, I just removed the glow

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            I do believe if you add text to a sprite like so



            var test:sprite = new sprite



            var Text1:TextField = new TextField();

            Text1.text = "YOUR TEXT";






            test.ScaleX = 3;

            test.ScaleY = 3;


            should push the size of the sprite to more than 2880;


            I think scaling it after you create would work. Are you displaying more than 2880px wide or high on screen with text?


            I only display no more than 2880 and like a zoom effect scale the sprite to roughly 6000+ and it renders glow for me in my application but again i don't show more than 2880.

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              kaushal_bs Level 1

              Yeah it works if I dont show it larger than 2880, but in my case I have to render it in actual size and when size goes beyond 2880 then filter does not work. Is there any alternative of glow filter which works at least for 4000 size instead of 2880.