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    [CS4] Crossdomain security settings when exporting to SWF

    Cyril Desmoinaux

      I'm using CS4 (and CS4 server) to export single pages to SWF files, then I need to embed those SWF to a parent SWF binary (written with Flex) and publish them on a web server.


      Everything works fine as long as both the parent and children SWF share the same domain and subdomain names.


      But if I want different domain names for parent and children files, I have to face the standard Flash security rules ("embedded SWF files can be accessed only if they have specific security settings").


      Using crossdomain XML files doesn't change anything, so what I need is to change the security settings directly inside the SWF generated by InDesign to allow him to be loaded by another SWF located on a different domain.


      Is there a way (by scripting InDesign) to change my SWF security settings ?


      I couldn't find nothing related to this subject in InDesign Object Model.