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    Audio synchronization

    jgaasbeek001 Level 1

      Does anyone have experience with keeping audio in sync when capturing HD-video from a camcorder? When usin PRE4, I noticed that audio was out of sync when capturing HD. From this forum, I found the solution of other third party software for capturing (HDVSplit) which works fine. I am now about to capture the footage for my first project on PRE 8, and am curious whether to capture it with HDVSplit or directly into PRE 8? And what about stop motion / scene splitting, which was not possible in 4.0?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          You should not have an issue with out of sync if you're capturing tape-based HDV over FireWire -- though it's not clear if that's what you're doing or if you're working with HD (as in "hard drive") or HD (as in AVCHD "hi-def) video.


          You should ensure that your hardware is fast enough to support working with whatever format you're working with. What are your system specs and operating system?

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            I cannot comment on PrE 8 for Capture, but can tell you that many users of PrPro CS4.2 still use HDVSplit for all of their Captures. This is usually not because of any OOS issues from PrPro, but because they really like HDVSplit better than the Capture module in Pro. Many feel that HDVSplit is what should have been incorporated into Pro. Same for the SD Capture program, SceneAlyzer Live. Both offer more power and control, than does PrPro.


            Unless PrE 8 has a highly improved Capture module, I think I'd stay in HDVSplit, so long as you are pleased with it and it's doing all that you want, but remember I do not have PrE 8.


            Good luck,



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              jgaasbeek001 Level 1



              Thank you for your feedback. I realise now that HD can have many meanings. I

              meant High Definition, and my camera (Sony HDR FX1E) uses tapes, and

              capturing is done over the 1394. My hardware is fast enough to capture using

              HDVSplit, and also using Adobe PRE 4.0, only audio was out of sync using

              Adobe. What I simply do not understand is why Adobe has put so much effort

              in smooth looking screens and numerous options, rather that the quality of a

              optimized data flow leading to usefull output / input files for editing.


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                the_wine_snob Level 9

                A miniDV tape Capture, even in HDV, should be a bit-for-bit transfer over the IEE-1394 connection. I have no explanation for why you are getting OOS with these Captures. Odd.


                Good luck with HDVSplit,



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                  jgaasbeek001 Level 1

                  To make it even more difficult to understand, this is what hapened to one of

                  the files I captured with HDVSplit:


                  The video fragment involved is about 6 minutes in duration, and was taken

                  during the performance of a poet, who recited 8 poems in a row. When editing

                  in PRE 8 I noticed that after the 6th poem, audio went back to the

                  introduction before the first poem , while video continued through the end

                  of the file without strange leaps. At first I thought that also HDVSplit was

                  not reliable, but when I played back the file in Windows Media Player, it

                  played just fine from the first to the last frame with audio in sync. I

                  therefore threw away all temporary and other files relating to the project,

                  and re-opened the file. As expected, it was indexed again, and after that,

                  it still did not play correctly. The only work around I could figure out was

                  to again capture the last 2 minutes or so of the scene, and try to find the

                  right plays to glue both together without jumps.


                  Jan Maarten Gaasbeek