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      Jim it has been 6 days! Can you help me now? Have not herd from the Senior Technical Department! Must be a difficult problem, they encounter it every day! Maximum activations!  Case # 01813340430, Case # 0202803383, Case # 0202824798! Yesterday I tried again, hoping it was fixed and ERROR #2038 Book name and "No permission to copy document displayed" . After 3 weeks maybe I can get a book or 2 downloaded before Christmas.


          Jim Lester Level 4

          Posting the wrong case #'s ( 01813340430 ), case #'s where you've gone through the wrong support mechanism 0202803383, 0202824798 (both chats 2 and 3 days ago respectively) when I've repeatedly posted that the only way you will get support is thorugh submitting a case http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions, and double posting does not engender my sympathy.


          However, fortunately for you, I find it hard to play Grinch this time of year, so I've reset device activation count back to 6.



            I don't get this. What criteria do you use to aid your decision for a reset?

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              Jim Lester Level 4


              Support's critirea is basically that you ask them through the appropriate venue (the Web Portal  http://www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions click on "Submit a web case").


              However I'm personally looking for cases that the Support team has let slip between the cracks.  As such I'll take interest in any report where a person has submitted a web case through the Web portal, posted the case # and I verify that it has been more than week (and most of that time was not spent waiting for information from the user) since the initial report.


              I'll also tend to fall for a good story of the user not realizing the correct support venues and getting abused and or bad answers from the wrong support venues (phone/WebChat etc...), although here again the more detail the better both because it's easier for me to just fix it (I'm doing this in my spare time between meetings/compiles/etc...), and also because I can bring that up my management chain and then down through the support management chain to get the other support venues trained to give the right answers.  Past that full error reports including all of the error text and/or AdobeID, I'll respond to although most of these I'll refer to the Web Portal for support.  Also very occasionally I'll fall for a good sob story, but again the more details the better.


              Posts such as yours - double posting and with no details - I'll most likely ignore as someone venting and ranting ( "I must say the response from Adobe is not good enough" doesn't provide me any real information - which response, where, and from whom?).  Compare your posts to "Activation /authorisation problems please help distraught daughter" and tell me which you would be more likely to respond to.