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    How to load a Nav page into other pages?

      Hi, I am using CSS and HTML. I am not using a template. Not an expert.

      I want to have just one page with all main navigation links. Parent link/list and subordinate links/list as drop down. No page templates.

      How can I get pages 1 to 10 to load a 2nd page that possesses all the nav links? Would load into an <iframe> but first I do not want to use that. Second I do not know how to z-index it so the drop down links are on top of any page 1-10 info that is in the way?

      The Parent Nav link/list is horizontal and only needs to show main parent row. Subordinates will drop down. Do not want to have to have 1 row showing for all possible drop down rows. Ex.

      <div>Parent link/list with drop downs that z-index to on top
      <div>other things

      currently I get loose all drop downs to <div>other things.

      How can I accomplish this?