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    Project will not open - please help!


      I am running Robohelp 7 HTML.  I have fairly large project, saved on desktop and publishes to shared folder.  Yesterday I added a new topic, and I think the file name may have been too long.  Everything looked okay in the preview.  I had a link to the new topic on the homepage and on a different page further down in the project. The new topic is not listed in the TOC.   I ran the publish and when it completed, I closed RoboHelp.  Then I opened the published folder and when I clicked on the link from the homepage, it said file not found.  So I tried going to it from the other page that is linked to it, and it said the same thing.  I went through the publish folders to find the page and see if it had published and it hadn't.  So I tried to open the project in Robohelp again, and it said "Runtime Error! ... This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way..."  Other projects open okay.  I looked in the project to see if my new topic was in the project folder and it had changed the name of the htm file to something in all caps with a ~ at the end.  I viewed it and it was the page I tried to create that had the long name.


      Since I couldn't even open the project, I started looking for solutions.  Couldn't find where this happened to anyone before.  Created a back up and then tried each of the following (I started back at the original project for each bullet so I did not make all these changes to the same project).

      • Tried renaming cpd file.  It started to work, but then said that the application "encountered a problem and needed to close".  Tried a few times, it did not work.  Original cpd file was over 70,000 KB and the new one it was creating before it crashed got to 1416 KB.
      • Tried removing the file that had the problem.  Then removing it from the fpj file so it wouldn't try to find it.  Then renamed cpd file.  Same problem, except now it says "An error occured while trying to read data from <...rhbag.apj> <5>.  The topic I added yesterday did not have a baggage file.  I said ok and it still looked like it was trying to do something.  But then, same thing as above, encountered a problem and needed to close.  The cpd file in the project folder to 1634 KB.
      • Tried opening the project through the hhp file.  Got a message that says "bsuuShellUiUtils  No current record."
      • Tried deleting the topic I created and opening it.  Same Runtime error.
      • Tried deleting whole folder with topic in it (there were only 3 other topics in that folder, so it wouldn't be a big deal to recreate).  Same Runtime error.


      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  This is not the project I always manage, but I do manage other Robohelp projects that are set up the same.  The person in charge of this project is on vacation, and I am supposed to leave for vacation today, but can't until I fix this.  I cannot find where the project manager has a back-up of this in over a month, and new topics are added almost daily!  PLEASE HELP EVERYONE!!!  THANK YOU!




      Spoke with Help Desk at my office.  They have no experience with Robohelp.  But they said it was like the project was reading that the application was not there.  But other projects open fine, and RoboHelp itself opens fine without opening a project.  Then if I get into RoboHelp and try to open the project from there, it says "No Record Found."


      PLEASE if anyone has any ideas!!!!  Thank you!




      Do you think my project is just too big???  It's got over 3000 files in it.

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          When you say "saved on desktop" you do mean a folder on your local machine?


          The number of files is not too big.


          How big is the project zipped up and can you share it? This one needs some poking around.


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            aliceach Level 1

            I tried to respond to the email, but it would not work.  Thank you for responding! Yes, saved on my desktop means saved on my local machine. Our agency is set up so that saving to our desktop is the only way to save files on our local machine, and I am used to dealing with our IT staff.


            I do have some good news for me; I don't have to fix it before I leave to go out of town. The most recent publish is out there, and the information I needed to add has been emailed to everyone.


            I work for the government, and this information is provided to our helpline who handles consumer questions/complaints. Some of the information housed in the project includes information that cannot be provided to the public and has not been redacted according to our public record laws. With that said, if you can take a look at it without posting or sharing the information contained within, I would greatly appreciate it. The zip file is approximately 95 MB. I will be here for about 2 more hours today, and then I will not be back until next Tuesday. Let me know if you can take a look at it, and the best way for me to get it to you.  Thanks again!


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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

              The content will not be published in any answer so no need to worry about that.


              See my contact page on how to get the project to me. Include a link to this thread.


              If you email me directly, I will work offline with so that nothing about the contact is made public. Once resolved, the solution can be posted here without including any reference to content.


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