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    Reporting one-off issues with CFBuilder

    Dipanwita S Level 1

      Hi all,


      I would like to put a note here to request you to report to us any instability issues that you might hit upon while using CFBuilder. For example, such issues could be something like editor becoming unusable, IDE freezing up, editing becoming unusually slow, system slowing down due to use of CFBuilder, certain file/operation causing editor to behave abnormally etc. Since such cases or any other similar ones are either not very consistently reproducible, or they do not have any straightforward reproducible pattern, in order to report them to us you need to launch CFBuilder from console, take a thread dump, attach it here or mail it to dsarkar@adobe.com.


      Here is how you can do it:


      On Windows - Start CFBuilder from console as CFBuilder.exe -consolelog -debug and keep using it. Once you hit upon the issue, take the thread dump using Ctrl+Break.


      On Mac -  Start CFB from Mac console. Go to /Applications/Adobe ColdFusion Builder/CFBuilder.app/Contents/MacOS. Then run ./CFBuilder -debug -consolelog. Take the thread dump using Ctrl+Break once you hit upon the issue.


      Alternatively, you can use the handy stacktrace tool at http://www.adaptj.com/main/download

      All you need to do is to select the CFBuilder process id from the current list of processes and get the thread dump.The tool is free if you use Java Web Start to download it. And works on MAC, Linux & Windows. For free evaluation license, Go to Help->License, pick up the System Id from there. Then register yourself and provide the System ID. You will get an evaluation license with expiry date through email.




      Adobe ColdFusion Team