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    TextField Event


      When the user updates a text in a text field and move the cursor  out of the text field or out of focus from text field, I need to fire the update event.


      The update event has to be fired only when the user updates the text.


      How to implement this .. please show some pointers. Thanks in advance.

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          You can do this

          When your page loads you need to do a function or another Event needs to call a function to add an eventlistener to the test text. you add the focusEvent.focus_out and add a function for it to do something.


          import mx.controls.Alert;


          public function onCreationComplete():void


          test.addEventListener(FocusEvent.FOCUS_OUT, popup);



          public function pop(E:Event):void


               Alert.show("Error","Error", 4.0, Somethingbox);



          <mx:VBox id="Somethingbox">

          <mx:TextInput id="test" width="100%"/>





          Hope it helps mark it if it answers your question.