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    New PC Build Suggestions?


      I am just getting started with HD Video using a Panasonic GH1 and Premiere CS4 and I need a new PC (coming from a Sony TRV-900).


      I am considering building the recommended configuration at the VideoGuys website - http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/E/Videoguys+DIY77+Intel+Core+i7+with+Vista+64+AND+Now+Windo ws+7/0xe07f65920351fbf3ed8f9892355dfda0.aspx


      My question is: should I consider any updates or upgrades to the suggested configuration on the site?  The config is a few months old and I am particularly interested in kowing whether the PT6 Deluxe MotherBoard or the FX1800 Quadro (withput Elemental Accelerator) are still appropriate.


      Any suggestions on this configuration?  I will be running Win 7 64bit.