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    Text is blurry with different colors (cs4)

    genoism Level 1

      I don't know if this is a bug or what but its driving me insane. My video has text that refuses to render out sharp. White seems to come out fine but a bright red/blue(haven't tried other colors) certain numbers are significantly blurrier then their others. 3's in particular are terrible around the edges, while a 5 is perfect. My scene size is 720x480p, square pixels, 29.97fps, dont think i missed anything else....

      Steps taken in attempt to remedy the problem:

      Fully uncompressed quicktime (set to none), fully quality. Rendering at maximum depth, set everything on high quality.

      Used different fonts like arial black.

      Used a default preset sequence and just some basic text/numbers from the titler.


      Any ideas on what is going on?