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    path motion and shapes



      I've practiced several clips with layers and frame by frame motion. I know that there's a possibility to create motion by adding path, only I don't remember how to do it since It's been a long time that I praticed the program. Also I don't see the shapes (triangle, circle...) pannel. Please help me with these two. Thank you,


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          robdillon Most Valuable Participant

          The shape tool is in the tools palette. The default shape is a rectangle. If you click and hold on that tool you will see the optional shapes, oval, etc. If you are using Flash CS3 or earlier, the motion path is a button at the bottom of the timeline window, next to the new layer button. If you are using CS4, then you will find the motion path by right clicking on a keyframe. Alternately, you can make a path by creating a a motion or shape tween by right clicking on a keyframe that contains that object.

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            justscrname Level 1

            Thank you very (x3) mutch! I'm teaching my 7 year old nephew the program and

            I very satisfied to see him happy when he succeed in something. You have

            just gave me a graet help.

            sincerely yours,


            Hezy (me) and Dor (nephew).