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    Save and close InDesign file CS4 JS

    Yuliaart Level 1

      Hi, I need to save and close InDesign file after export pdf was done. Once export is complete the script opens the pdf file and the script gets interrupted. Here what I was trying and I am not sure if it even in the right direction:


      #targetengine "session"

      function main(){
          var myApplicationEventListener = app.eventListeners.add("afterExport",
          mySaveInDesign, false);
          var myDocumentEventListener = app.documents.item(0).eventListeners.add
          ("afterExport", mySaveInDesign, false);
          app.scriptPreferences.version = 6.0;
      var myEventNames = ["afterExport"] ;


      function mySaveInDesign(myEvent){
          var myDocument = myEvent.parent;
          saveInDesign ();


      function saveInDesign (){


      Your help is highly appreciated.