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    Destination cannot be introspected because itemClass is not set

    Hodmi Level 4

      I'm trying to access a LCDS 3 hibernate connection using the new Connect to Data/Service wizard in Flash Builder 4 (beta 2).


      On the LCDS side I have my database set, a java class deployed, the hibernate configuration file set, hibernate mapping file set and a destination created.  It all looks good from that side.


      On the Flash Builder side;  I created a new Flash Project using LCDS and pointed it to the right server.  When I go through the Connect to Data/Service wizard Builder does find my destination and it fills in all of the fields in the dialog box.


      When I click Finish however I get an Introspection Error dialog box that says: "Destination (destinationID=thoughtBox.hibernate) cannot be introspected because itemClass is not set".  The item-class tag is set in the data-management-config.xml file:



      <destination id="thoughtBox.hibernate">
                  <!--<item-class>flex.samples.contact.Contact</item-class> -->
                      <identity property="id"/>
                      <paging enabled="false" pageSize="10"/>



      Everything looks okay, but it just doesn't want to pick up the item-class tag.


      Any thoughts?