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    Shortcut key question

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      Hi Gang-


      ... since I do quite a bit of independent consulting work I'm almost always inheriting or taking over an existing code base. Because of that I've grown quite fond of Dreamweaver's shortcut keys that help me sift through someone else's spaghetti code. A quick example of this would be a really long




      ~other tables nested inside of this one...~


      ~cfif statements with tables in them, etc...~




      ... you get the picture, I think we've all been there ;-)


      DW has a few invaluable key combos that empower me to work through code like this. If I put my cursor just inside of the main <table...> tag and use the good old "Apple key + [" combo it highlights everything inside the opening and closing table tags. Same with cfifs, conditional code, whatever. To quickly be able to locate the start and end tags of heavily conditional, uncommented and unformatted code is a huge benefit and timesaver, and I simply can't walk away from DW if CFBuilder doesn't have something similar (hopefully even better!)


      When last I checked this functionality was not present in CFBuilder, is it available in this release? If not are there any plans to add it?


      Many thanks, keep up the great work!



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          Dipanwita S



          We do have an ER for a shortcut key that highlights the content between a pariticular start and end tag but it has not made it into this beta. We do have plans to provide custom keyboard shortcuts and also many other such handy shortcuts that people have requested. Unfortunately,  we may not have bandwidth for that chunk of work in this release.




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