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    I'm a pathetic project for some soul-FTP


      Novice here so please be nice. Running DW8 on XP-pro service pak 2. Use IE 7. Have McAfee firewall. Changed internet providers some time ago. About same time I have had difficulties using DW ftp. Turned off firewall. Confirmed user name password with host. They are able to use ftp. Confirmed all settings with host for site management. Downloaded DW update cause I was having trouble with user name and password not saving. Re loaded DW 8 and the update. Cleared DW from McAfee list of approved programs and then re-entered it as an approved program. Turned off testing server. Tried passive ftp. Turned off firewall. Emptied cache. Changed browser settings a googleplex times. I have small time family site but would like to resolve this. Type your ideas slow, loud and use small words please. "An FTP Error Occurred- cannot make connection to host. The remote host cannot be found"

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