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    Newbie-made animation in graphic symbol timeline by mistake! Can't get it out


      Tha't s only one problem...


      I am making a very simple stick figure animation which will be intended for tv, specifically HDTV 1080p

      I have no idea how i did it but I did the animation and before I knew it it was not on scene 1, but on the graphic symbol timeline. I think it is because I made my character a symbol, and i guess everything followed. But when I put them on the stage from the library, only part of the animation shows up, the part with the character i made into a symbol...not only that, but if I copy and paste all the frames from the symbol timeline onto the main timeline, it is HUGE! it doesn't match the size or placement it was on in the other timeline...


      Also, are there any specific requirements for editing with intent for hdtv? I read you can't use movie clips but as for size, etc? What do you have to set at the beginning and what will change when it is exported or converted for tv? I could use Final cut if it helps with the final stuff too.