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    Question Flex Video training Q, EX 9cf, steps 1-6


      Instructed to copy the folder "reservations" from ex9_CF/wwroot/ to C:/coldFusion9/wwwroot. (already unzipped). But I do not see a wwwroot folder in there (exercise data), but I do see a wwwroot folder in the ColdFusion folder. But it does not contain a "reservation" folder.   The only reservation folder is the one I made in exercises 8-9 in Flex builder AdobeODT, it resides in the vo folder. Also, why is it asking me to do the same process in Cold Fusion8?


      i am sure this is a simple answer but I am missing something. Thanks. trying to knock this on line tutorial out in 3 days so i can attend a workshop in 2 weeks.