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    Help: AdvancedDataGrid MXML tag is now missing in my FLEX 3.2



      Please see attached "AdvanceDataGrid_demo.swf" for problem explanation.

      ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------

      After downloading the FLASH BUILDER 4.0 (Beta), I have experienced issues with my Flex 3.2 (Licensed) version environment.

      Some of the projects that I had created previously using FB 3.2, now is showing problems.

      I have noticed that the <mx:GroupingCollection> and <mx:AdvancedDataGrid> tags are not working. I have tried to import them into my project environment via Script import mx.controls., but I don’t see any AdvancedDataGrid!

      I have downloaded SDK 3.5 and tried that, but did not help.  How can I get <mx:GroupingCollection> and <mx:AdvancedDataGrid> back to my Flex Builder 3.2 environment?

      I have to add that the projects that I have created that includes these tags (<mx:GroupingCollection> and <mx:AdvancedDataGrid>) will compile and works, however when I try to create new  <mx:GroupingCollection> or <mx:AdvancedDataGrid> then it does not work.

      I would appreciate if you can help me to set my Flex Builder 3.2 back to normal.