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    Events jigsaw


      Supose i have an appicationthen a moduleLoader wich loads 2 modules A and B, in A i have a component C wich also has a button that dispaches a customEvent when pressed.


      putted listener in every component of the aplication and all can hear the custom event fired but the listeners in B can't.


      Could anyone enlighten me on how to make sure the event has the posibility to be heard by every component in the app.

      this way i implement each listener


              [Event(name="custom", type="CustomEvent")]


      init():void {

           addEventListener(CustomEvent.CUSTOM, customFunction);




      Here is the CustomEvent


      package {
          import flash.events.Event;

          public class CustomEvent extends Event {
              public static const CUSTOM:String = "Custom Event";


              public function CustomEvent (type:String) {
                  super(type, true);
              public override function clone():Event {
                  return new CustomEvent (type);