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    Reader install failing but installer says it completed successfully


      I am trying install Acrobat Reader 9 on a Windows XP Pro machine.


      The download manager starts, says it is downloading and installing installing the reader, it completes the download, then it says installation was successful, and the download and installation progress bar is at a 100% but it hangs at that point.


      Tried closing the download manager it say it is still installing an application, close anyway, and check sure enough Acrobat Reader is not installed.


      If I try relaunch, it just goes straight to showing that installation is complete.


      At this point if you check add/remove programs the download manager is listed but Acrobat Reader is not.  If reboot, then neither the download manager or Acrobat Reader is listed.


      At this point if I go back to the download page, and relaunch the whole process it starts with wanting to install the download manager again.


      I have tried this with Anti-virus both enabled and disabled with no affect.