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    script for button that plays audio

    Martin S... Level 1

      Hello, i'm trying to create a pdf book of educational lectures with audio of the transcribed lectures embedded into the pdf so the user can read and listen along as they like. my solution to this was break up the audio into sections and embed using buttons (using indesign).  this way, the user just has to mouseroll over a button in the margin to play the particular section they want to listen to.  there are about three sections per page. the downside of this solution is that the audio doesn't keep playing of course, it just plays that section then stops. i'm now wondering if it might be possible to just have one audio file (for the whole lecture, about 60 minutes) instead of 60 (one minute files), and make buttons (for each section) that open up the file at a particular point in the audio corresponding to the section; in other words, is it possible to make a button that opens an audio file and plays it from a particular point, not just from the start?  could scripts be involved somehow in the solution?  I would appreciate any suggestions.