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    states and (nested) component properties

    Bertrand G.

      My goal is to set different properties for a component (plotChart).


      I managed to make it work the following way:

      • declare the properties in the <fx:declaration> with a specific id
      • declare the states
      • use the states for properties like:
        • verticalAxis.linear="{linY}" verticalAxis.logarithmic="{logY}"


      QUESTION: am I obliged to declare the properties in the <fx:declaration> ? Because I cannot find a way to have 2 properties declared inside the plotChart... My first approach was




          <mx:LinearAxis ... includeIn="linear" />

          <mx:LogAxis ... includeIn="logarithmic" />



      ... didn't work... can't have 2 axis of the same kind (vertical or horizontal) and can't put states on verticalAxis or horizontalAxis


      I also tried using <mx:SetProperty> inside the plotChart tag... but they get completely ignored...


      The problem is that I need to customize those properties, so I can't just put them as a string in the PlotChart tag (like <mx:PlotChart horizontalAxis.linear="LinearAxis title='blah blah' autoAdjust='true' " ... />)


      So am I missing something?

      Any comment will be appreciated!


      Oh and btw, I use Flash builder 4 with Flex 4 SDK!...