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    Scrollpane horizontal scrollbar position

      ok, i'm stupid. i can't get the code to work to put my horizontal scroll bar on top of the scroll pane, or anywhere else. can someone please help. i'm new to actionscript, for please forgive my ignorant mistakes.

      import mx.containers.ScrollPane;
      on (complete) {

      yes, wak is my scrollpane. this is lame. i've looked all over the internet for help on this...

      THank you.
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          Noelbaland Level 1

          I don't think you can change the position of the scrollbar in a ScrollPanel component. The code you've used above moves the scroller (the bit you drag) 14px from the left when your movie starts. There are no methods or properties in the Help files that enable you to move the scroll bar to the top or anywhere in your scroll panel. Scroll bar appears at the bottom for horizontal and to the right for vertical.

          If you've seen this done before, I'm guessing it was custom made with movieclips.
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            vf5 Level 1
            wow. ok. well that really messes up my swf..... how does one create a custom scroll pane. do i use the window and scroll bar as seperate UI components? any help is appreciated....