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    BlazeDS Caching

      Alright, I'm working on a variant of the Product/ProductDAO class that comes with the BlazeDS turnkey package. For the uninitiated, a Java class called 'Product' has some variables for storing data. The other class 'ProductDAO' queries a database which creates a ResultSet, then goes through the ResultSet making a list of Products from its contents.

      I've modified it so that it's querying a new database, stores different data, and does some interesting things with it. My BlazeDS server and the Flex app are on the same computer, and query a separate machine with the database on it. It works. Happiness!

      Unfortunately, the server that the database is on is very high traffic, so it runs very slowly. And I'm stuck with it. So, I thought to myself...if I could somehow cache the data that I'm pulling from the DB so that I only have to query the server with BlazeDS on it, things would run much faster. However, I'm not having much luck finding a way to do this. How would I go about it?

      I'm only asking because the lag is really, really bad. Like 'six minutes to load a DataGrid' bad.