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    Please help with our project

      We are media students and we have an exam in a few hours. Could you please help us out with these question.

      1. A _____________is single occurence of a cast member.
      2 Two types of window in director, __________ window and __________window
      3. Guides are ___________ or _____________ lines that you can either drag around the stage or lock place to asist user with sprite placement.
      4. __________ is used for navigation and user interaction
      5. A film loop is an animated sequence that is used as ________________ cast member

      true or False

      1. In tool palette default view combines elements from other classic and flash component.
      2. Director can perfrom any editing on digital video
      3. A director file can contain more than one movie script.
      4. Vector shapes an bitmaps are the two types of graphics used with director.
      5. A frame is an individual point of time in the score.
      6. importing media element is similar to importing images.

      Please help us early. Thank you