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    open new window firefox

    jiggy1965 Level 1

      By default Firefox opens urls set to 'new window' in a new firefox tab instead. Is there any way to force Firefox to open a new window?




      This doesn't work in Firefox: it opens a new tab window instead of a real new window. How can I make Firefox open a new window? Without the popup blocker blocking it?

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          RossRitchey Level 4

          Why do you want to override someones preference in browser window treatment?


          For the record, I set my FF2 that way on purpose, back when it wasn't the default.  Chrome works this way by default, and I set IE8 to do this as well.  It is a severe annoyance when a website goes out of their way to override my chosen preference.


          That said, the only way to override this is to use a javascript popup, which risks the popup blocker.