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    Should I upgrade my RAM ?    CS3 & CS4

    Powered by Design Level 4

      I currently am on an older PC
      Should I upgrade to  PC2-6400 DDR2   800MHz  RAM   ?
      2005 Dell XPS Pentium 4 3.4GHz
      The system properties say:  3.39GHz. 2.00GB of  RAM
      I have TWO (1GB sticks PC5300 333MHz) and TWO  (512MB PC-4300 266MHz) sticks so why does the system properties say 2.0GB of RAM  ?
      Is my graphics card using some of the ram space  ?
      Here are some screen captures of CPUID  CPU-Z
      Any advice is welcome:  Glenn

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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          Personally I would invest nothing in this computer that can not be used in a new computer as well. It is 4 years old and the time is rapidly approaching that you want at least an i7-920+ system, especially with CS5 and MPE imminent. You have 3 G of memory, you can upgrade to 4 but the gains would not be that big and the whole investment is worth nil when you go to DDR3. I would rather save for a new i7 system.

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            Powered by Design Level 4

            Thanks Harm.


            Thats what I was thinking.


            I was waiting for the October release of Windows 7 to build a new system but then was waiting for a move to a new house first.


            Then we got that preview of the Mercury Playback Engine.   WOW


            Now im waiting to see that since that changes things.


            Good things right around the corner.


            New intel 6 core soon


            New Nvidia cards soon


            CS5 soon ?


            I will save my money and wait just a little longer.



            Enjoy:  Glenn