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      Hi i'm Luciano and i come from Milan Italy ,i'm beginner flasher AS3 but in As2, i would like to know where i can work properly with array in Action Script 3.
      I don't know why in Action Script 2 where i use delete command to delete a cell of an array work properly and where i program with script AS3 the commad don't work properly.
      I'm very great if possible to know where i can delete a cell of an Array with out modify length so i store in cell deleted other data .
      I'm started a project to realizate a puzzle but i can't resolve this problem because i'll store in cell deleted other picture in a cell of it.
      if you have a problem to interpretate my message you can see a Attach Code
      Thank you for response
      my Email is keplero1@hotmail.com

      Hi Luciano
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          If I understand your problem correctly it sounds like you just need to change the value of the array element instead of using something like splice() (I didn't see any use of splice() or other removal methods in your example code) to remove the element completely. For example...if you have a string stored in an array element...set the element value to "" and leave the element position in place.

          Let me know if this helps.