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    Issues with Named Destinations


      I am looking into using a .PDF for an in-application help manual (Windows system).  The help system is context sensitive, so I am attempting to use named destinations to open the PDF to the appropriate topic.  Overall, it seems to work well, however there are a few issues I cannot seem to get around.


      1.  Upon the user hitting F1, I invoke AcroRd32.exe (or Acrobat.exe if this is the case) with the /A "nameddest=[topic]" command line switch, where [topic] is the named destination appropriate to the current UI context.  This works only if there is no reader window open viewing the help file.  Should the user keep the reader window up and hit F1 again for a different UI context (and therefore supplying a different [topic] string), the appropriate reader window becomes foreground, however, the document is not repositioned to the new named destination.  I can get around this by supplying the /N switch to force a new instance of the reader, however, this is not at all desirable.  Is there a way to "force" a reposition to go to the appropriate topic if the PDF is already opened?


      2.  I am also looking into the possibility of invoking a web browser (provided it has the Reader plugin), however it does not seem to function properly.  I am invoking it in the following manner:


      iexplore.exe "[pdf file]#nameddest=[topic]" [pdf file] is on the local file system specified using the "file:" protocol specification.


      If invoked in this manner, the PDF opens to the first page in all cases rather than the named destination.  Am I not doing something right here?