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    Calling Render Form Guide Service to generate Form Guide and Pdf


      I have an Appserver(Tomcat) which has a Servlet "MyServlet"


      that calls a LiveCycle WebService on LiveCycle App Server( JBoss).


      MyServlet streams the output of the webservice back to the browser.


      The output is html content that loads the Form guid and pdf.


      If my appserver and the livecycle app server were to be on the same machine,


      I do not get any problems.


      If they are on different machines, I get two errors


      1) pdf error MessageDocRefusedDisclosureError


         I was able to fix this by including the FormBridge Script and returning true for




      onDisclose handler


      2) But I get a javascript error.  I debugged this issue In Firefox using Firebug, it complains about history.js line 482
      backStack[backStack.length - 1].title = title;


      Am I going against BestPractices by having my AppServer that calls the WebService and the LiveCycle AppServer


      on two different machines?