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    won't loop?


      I'm a seasoned Adobe user but am new to Flash. A new customer asked me to edit a flash animation on their homepage (http://www.loonlodgeme.com), which I did, but when I uploaded the new .swf file I can't get it to loop.


      I have the "loop" checkbox checked in the playback options of the HTML tab in Publish Settings.


      I also manually added <param name="loop" value="true" /> to the source code on the page where the .swf is embedded.


      Still won't loop.


      Using CS4.


      I must be missing something really obvious here?


      Thanks for the help.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          is the slideshow the issue?  is that slideshow timeline based (ie, all the images are on the timeline and the fades are done using timeline tweens)?

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            Headwaters Level 1

            Well...I'm not sure. All I did was find the.fla file that somebody created originally, I updated some of the photos, and published another .swf.


            I've gone through the publish process many times, trying to identify what's hanging up the loop, but am drawing a blank.


            I believe the .fla has a timeline, as the pallette lists "actions" and a bunch of "pics".


            What do you suppose is hindering the loop?

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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              you have an actionscript based slideshow not a timeline based slideshow.  ie, the slides displayed are determined by code and not the looping of the main timeline.


              you need to edit the code to make that slideshow loop.

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                Headwaters Level 1

                Alright...when you say "edit the code," which code are you referring to? Where do I view/edit it?


                This slideshow ran in a continuous loop before--after I swapped in some new images it stopped. What would I have changed to cancel the loop?

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                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  all code is on movieclip timelines or in external .as files.  where the code is located for your file, of course, i can't determine.


                  what exactly did you do to "swap" some new images?

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                    Headwaters Level 1

                    I noticed that the folder containing the .fla file also contained image files. So I saved several new images into that folder, overwriting the old images. Then as I recall I had to "update" some elements in one of the palettes (this is where I was fumbling around a bit).

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                      kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      overwriting image files wouldn't cause a loop issue.  your other "update" is suspect.

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                        Headwaters Level 1

                        I was hoping I could just swap in a few images and not touch the .fla file (aside from publishing a new .swf), but the images I replaced had all lost the "fade in effect" so I played around with the elements associated with the images in one of the palettes, there was an "update" button in a dialogue box that I clicked which seemed to fix it.


                        So where would I go to fix/restore the continuous playback loop?

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                          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          that can't be determined with the info you've given.  you'll need to find the relevant code and, if you post it here, you can probably be helped further.


                          otherwise, someone will need to download and correct your file for you.

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                              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                              please start your own thread.

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                                Headwaters Level 1

                                I don't see any external .as file anywhere, so if I understand you correctly the code I need to inspect is embedded somewhere in the .fla file's timeline.


                                How do I view this code? I've gone through every menu and am not seeing any way to view or edit any code.


                                Thanks for your patience. I get around other Adobe products pretty well but Flash has definitely got me scratching my head.

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                                  kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  unfortunately, code can be attached to any frame of any movieclip.  so, it can be very difficult to find when dealing with coding by novice to intermediate level coders.

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                                    carl schooff Level 3

                                    To easily find actionscript anywhere in your file:


                                    Open the Actions panel (window > actions)


                                    Look in the pane on the bottom left. This is your Actions Explorer. Expand all the items by hitting the + sign (if available). Click on all the items and any scripts associated with them will be visible in the Script pane on the right.


                                    If you find a large chunk of code, paste it in a response.

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                                      Headwaters Level 1

                                      Ah, there's something I can work with. The last frame had "stop", I replaced it with "gotoAndPlay(1). Now it loops. Thank you.


                                      It does pause a while on the last image. And it doesn't fade out--it is instantly replaced by the first image. Can I keep the fade transition when it loops back to the beginning?


                                      So when do you need the html code with the loop parameter set to "yes"? And why doesn't that have any effect on this?