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    scripts to open chm files

    KFarrelly Level 1
      I have 7 chm files and I want to make each accessible from a single topic in another chm file (my "base" chm help file). For example, when a user opens topic 1 in the "base" help, that topic would open for them and one of my other chm files would open in a separate window. I am trying to do this by inserting a script into each topic. I can't figure out the text or format for the script. Has anyone tried this and can you send me an example script if so? I know I could potentially merge the 7 chm files into the table of contents of my "base" help, but that I am trying to match how the files worked when they were created years ago in Winhelp format using Doc-to-help (in which case an ExecFile script or command was used in a topic to automatically open another Winhelp file).

      Thanks in advance for any ideas,