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    CS3 to CS4 Export Issues


      Hi All,


      I recently upgraded to PP CS4 and I after some initial quirks it seems to be running fine.  I just setup my first project and the source video files are 800x600 and I am choosing a custom format for output (same 800x600).


      What is really getting me is that in CS3, I found it was much easier to render out projects and now with the separate "renderer" I have no clue as to why my renders really look awful.  The text is blurred and the colors are reduced to something awful, pixelated and "spotty".


      I have tried to crank up the render settings but the files sizes seem relatively small with poor quality.  Even when PP was estimating a file size of 600mb, I really only got 12MB out of it.


      I have also tried different formats using compression and no compression and it's all the same...just garbage.


      I have used Premiere from just when it was called Premirere Pro all the way up to CS3 and I have not experienced this before.


      Any ideas if I have some kind of corrupt install or something?


      Thanks in advance,



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          Harm Millaard Level 7



          This is most likely OE (operator error), but is hard to tell because all relevant details are missing. Tell us all the steps on what hardware, OS, and with which software you took with what media in what sequence under what circumstances and settings, and everything else that is relevant or even irrelevant, because you want to know why not, as an answer to a not posed question, and why yes. Makes sense?


          Some suggestions

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            eliscio Level 1

            In fact, I am hoping it's operator error.


            I am using Win7, 32 bit on a laptop with an integrated video card since currently I am traveling.  However, so there is no confusion, before I left, I had the same issues on a Vista, 64 bit workstation with an i7 processor and dual SLI nVidia GTX9800 cards.


            Also, I had CS3 on a 32 bit machine and when I rendered out of there...no problems!


            So, the sequence is only about 24 seconds long and all layers are 800x600 png files that were rendered out of 3DS Max.  However, I have some title screens that were done in PP and they suffer from the same fate.


            I choose FIle->Export->Media and the export menu settings shows up.


            I choose Quicktime and use custom settings.  800x600 with H264, Field type set to Lower Fist, 30 fps, square pixels (1.0) and maximum bitrate 144,000


            File size is shown as only 3mb.  When I would render something like this out of CS3, the file size would be hundreds of megabytes with H264 and I would always go back and recompress and get really good quality.


            I am very new to the CS4 workflow, so I am wondering if there is somekind of preference setting or otherwise that is causing my issues.


            Thank you,



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Number of issues here:


              Integrated graphics and SLI configuration can often cause problems.


              Avoid QuiRckTime on a PC.


              Max bitrate of 144 Kbps is great for kitchen blenders, not for video.


              For the rest of the info, look at the previously included link to the Wiki and answer the 16 questions at the end, in so far as you have not yet given that information.


              Post a screenshot of your export settings.

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                eliscio Level 1

                I'll take a look at the wiki, but in the meantime, I found a workaround that was basically to use QuickTime with no

                compression.  Once output, the file size is similar to what I would expect...huge!  then I recompress with QuickTime H264 and it looks pretty good.


                I'll need to test some more to discover what performance differences there are.


                Also, these vids will be viewed on a PC only and not on DVD.