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    Audio lost when importing an mpeg video file in 1.0


      I have an old version of Premiere elements (1.0) but it has worked fine in editing together video clips and images to make movies.

      A while ago I had some VHS transferred to a digital file, and what they gave me is a large MPEG file (2GB).


      I want to edit this file into segments to put on a website, however when I import the MPEG file into Premiere Elements 1.0 the audio

      is lost. The MPEG file plays fine on my computer . . .

      I've tried every option there is within the program but with no luck.


      Normally when I make movies I am using AVI formatted files, so maybe there's an issue with MPEG format ?

      Any suggestions ?

      Can an MPEG be converted to AVI ?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Yes, sometimes some flavors of MPEG can give you funny results (i.e., no audio or out of sync audio).


          MPEG Streamclip and Prism are free utilities that will convert your MPEG to a DV-AVI. The FAQs to the right of this forum tell you how to use them.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Conversion would probably be the best solution on several fronts. However if the Video is working fine for you in PrE, you could also use a freeware audio-editor, like Audacity, to rip the Audio. You'd then just Save_As PCM/WAV 48KHz 16-bit, and Import that into PrE. You'd place that new Audio file onto an appropriate Audio Track, and just Mute the Audio from the MPEG.


            There can be OOS (Out Of Sync) issues with either way. One common problem with muxed (Multiplexed with both Audio & Video) MPEG files, even when converted to DV-AVI Type II, is OOS. This is most often static OOS, and not dynamic, or drifting OOS, and can be fixed pretty easily.


            Just some things to think about, but conversion would be what I would do. If there was any OOS, then I have an ARTICLE that I can post, that will step you through the correction. If it IS static, I'd correct that, as soon as the large Clip was placed on the Timeline. Then, when you cut, you will maintain that sync and not have to adjust each instance from that Clip.


            Good luck,



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              burnsy46 Level 1

              These are really great answers to the problem.


              So far I've used Prism to convert the file, and even used Video Pad (also free from NCH) to split the large file

              up into clips. Seems to be faster and less demanding on my computer than Premier Elements . . .


              Thanks again !