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    Getting Rid of a File created by RH8 - Patch 01, 02 - WinXP


      I am using RH8 to update a 300-topic Help for a Web application.  The project is named "AddLayers" (name changed to protect the guilty) so we have AddLayers.htm, AddLayers.css, AddLayers.xpj, etc.  Along the way, I wanted to do some testing so I moved the "AddLayers.htm" file to a safe spot and created a new project file named AddLayers_1.htm.  I did a couple of WebHelp builds and, at this point, I don't remember what I was trying to learn.  The AddLayers_1.htm is long gone from the source files but every time I do a WebHelp build, this file shows up in the WebHelp output.  Can anyone tell me where this file comes from and how it is created?  Also, how to I stop RH8 from creating it?  Thanks.