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    Active x Need a few tips

      As it stands i have the ocx file beside my exe. When my exe is run a check is done see if the activex control is installed, if not then buddy api runs shell command (regsvr32 ocxname) and installs. Works great... but....

      Can i embed the ocx file in my director exe and install from there.(i like self contained exe's), i do NOT want an install to handle the ocx installation (need standalone exe).

      Just curious as to the best way to handle/distribute an activex control with my exe and also whatever other tips people might have from their experience using active x.

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          Chunick Level 3
          rename it from xxxxx.ocx to xxxxx.x32 and put it in the Xtras folder... before publishing, add it as an Xtra from the Director menu: Modify --> Movie --> Xtras...

          Alternatively, you can probably get the same effect (packing the file into the .exe) by trying the publish Settings --> Files tab --> Add Files button... but you'd still need to rename the file extension (.dir,.dxr,.cst,.cxt).

          Lastly, when the .exe is run it will unpack the files to a temporary folder... I'm not sure what that would be, but I would imagine it would be in the User's Application Data or some such folder. Once you locate it then you just rename the file and register it using regsvr2... you may not even need to rename it as it should still recognize the file unless the regsvr32 command superficially checks the extension.
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            yupieyi Level 1
            Simple and effective. thanks chunick.