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    programmatically selecting some row - selectedItem is null


      Hey guys


      In my application, I have a datagrid that is bound to RemoteObject. The datagrid has a corresponding form that contains the details. When the user clicks on a row in the datagrid the form populates with the values from the DataGrid's selectedItem.


      I want to programatically select some row in my DataGrid when the application loads.


      In order to do this, I have to call validateNow() and scrollToIndex()



      dg.selectedIndex = i; dg.validateNow();


      I put this code in the Applications creationComplete handler.


      This all works great - the desired row is highlighted and selected and the selectedIndex is i. The problem is that I can't access the data to populate the details form. When I try to retrieve the dg.SelectedItem property - it is null.


      How does one programatically select some row in the grid on load AND access the row data?