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    Problem with Viewing Camera Raw/Photoshop Edited Files in Microsoft Applications

    CarlRMorgan Level 1



      When I edit my portraits in Camera Raw or Photoshop and save as sRGB JPEGS they all look fine when viewed in Bridge, Camera Raw and Photoshop.


      If I view the portraits in Microsoft Picture Viewer or create a web age of the portraits within Photoshop and view in Internet Explorer, all images look over saturated (particularly the reds) and all the portraits look like they are flushed, blushing, over heated and glowing!

      Unfortunately, most people I email, send images to, or post them on the web, will be viewing them in a Microsoft application and therefore they do not appear how they should do with the reds over saturated.


      Does anone have a solution to this that is not hit and miss. I do not see the point of investing in CS3 and a professional monitor if my editing looks nothing like the output. Any information would be gratefully received.


      Many thanks