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    FocusManager and TabIndexes ....

    aktell2007 Level 1

      I’m setting focus to the first TextImput box in one of my modules with this code below.


                              private function onCreation():void {


      Now my ‘firstName’ textInput box has the ‘tabIndex’ of ‘1’ and is followed by 15 more input boxes which also have there ‘tabIndex’ set! Including the ‘Submit Button’.


      What I’m looking for is now that only the items in question are used when using the ‘Tab key’, and not any other items which could populate the same form. So how is it possible to set the Focus Manager to except only items which have been set with any ‘tabIndex’ values? And when reaching the last ‘tabIndex’ item with values return to the first value automatically.


      Thanks in advance aktell2007

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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          The FocusManager's default behavior is to walk a sub-tree of focusable objects before moving on to the next sub-tree.  TabIndex is used to override that behavior.


          In theory, if you didn't set tabIndex, the Tab would move to all other focusable components in your module.


          You can use tabChildren=false (hasFocusableChildren in Flex 4) to control if a sub-tree is visible to the FocusManager.


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