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    Split (threaded) text frame with new frame set to specific size & location


      Hello Gurus - Please shine some wisdom this way.



      • The project is a book included with 6 CDs.
      • The book has song lyrics in 4 languages.
      • The spread has 4 columns one for each of the 4 languages.
      • Threads link from spread 1 to spread 2 (down) not across so that each language is threaded to itself.
      • Each song starts with a Tab & numbered title (and unique style)
      • Each song ends with a certain & unique paragraph style (commentary)
      • Some songs end with a hard page break to start next song on new page (approximately 1 in 4 or 5 songs)
      • width of text frame is constant and known
      • bottom right or left corner new text box (created from split) is constant - page margin bottom



                             Spread of 4 Languages with Frames Threaded Down





      The client wants songs to start horizontally aligned. Cannot start each song on a new page (as image shows) as many pages can fit 2 or 3 complete song lyrics. No languages have the same amount of content due to translations. French is usually the longest (frame 3 of 4).




      1. auto calculate an exact uniform y-axis location to split the text frame after the commentary (paragraph style). Example 0.025" after paragraph end
      2. manually choose which language's frame is the longest (French (frame 3) is not always the longest)
      3. auto create frame (standard width) lined up to bottom of chosen (item 2) frame & maintain the threading
      4. auto split the remaining 3 language's frames at proper x-axis location (known). Y-axis to start same as manually chosen frame (longest language -usually French)
      5. global document wide functionality



      Systems: CS3 & CS4 on PC


      Skills: good programming (scripting skills) just not super fluent with InDesign's language.


      Any suggestions or pointing me to something similar would be awesome!

      Anyone who can offer to write & charge could be considered but budget is tight (so is timeframe to press) - So I'd rather develop it.


      Thanks again - Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!