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    Importing LCA applications issues


      Hello everybody.


      In the last few days I've been working with the LCES2 Linux virtual appliance made available by Adobe and I tried to import a fairly complex application developed with LCES 8.2.1.


      I stumbled across a few issues I'd like to share with you.


      The LCA archive was created with LCES WorkBench and I had no issues with previous versions of LCES; in LCES2, I had to import it using adminui [LiveCycle Archives (8.x)] and then, using LCES2 WB, I had to create a new application and import Processes and Resources from the server.


      Once the operation completed, I noticed the following:


      1) FTP Exceptions are not handled


      I had a couple of FTP "Get to filesystem" and "Put" operations whose "FTPConnectionException" was not handled and caused a LCES exception; as a workaround, I had to remove the exception and "re-draw" it as to point again to the handling block (and it worked).


      2) SubProcess renaming


      The main process had a subprocess named "PDF/A Operations" which, once imported into LCES2 WorkBench, was renamed (in the [Applications] view) as "A Operations". This seems to be a cosmetic issue since I did not have to change the invoking block as to reflect the change of the name.


      3) Accented characters


      In both a "Send with Document" email operation or in a simple assignment (Setvalue/Execute) I had an expression which contained accented characters (eg, à or è); I had to edit the message/assignment as to retype the offending characters (which got depicted as []) as to let LCES2 handle them as expected). The same went for the GeneratePDFOutput which suffered from the same "disease"


      4) Missing Font


      Since the original project was developed on a Windows 2003 server, I had to change a couple of fonts (namely, the "Times New Roman" one) in a form since this font does not exist under Linux by default (and I did not want to spend a lot of time by importing the missing fonts into the Linux box)


      5) Import issue


      I had a process who got incorrectly imported into the new LCES2 environment; by "incorrectly imported" I mean there are some operations (which existed in the LCES 8.2 one) which have not been imported into LCES2. I've still to fix it but I think a simple XML export from LCES WB + Import *might* fix it.


      If you have suggestions/opinions, please let me know.


      Have a nice Xmas time.