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    keyboard event to move to next item, defined by tabindex. mac and windows diff


      Hello, I've playing with this for some time and it's interesting, i'm in the process of writing an app i had in vb. I'm also in between windows to mac as a development tool.


      When i moved my code from windows xp flex 3.02, adobe air app. Using air 1.5 to the Mac 10.6.2 Flex 3.01 which is air 1.0


      This is the basic code is below. One line works in Windows OS and not in MAC and just the opposite for the Mac code..


      Could this be because the MAC AIR version is air 1.0? and the Win is 1.5?
      I have not updated the MAC to 3.02 as i've read that it has problems with 10.6.2 Snow Leopard.

      I updated my Mac Flex version to match that of my win box 3.02 and now it works... go figure



      What do you think?


      Thanks for any help.




         import mx.managers.FocusManager;
              private function keyinit():void
                      addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_DOWN, interceptEnterKey);
              private function interceptEnterKey(evt:KeyboardEvent):void
                      if(evt.keyCode == 13) // Enter key
      / Windows code - works goes to next textbox as defined by tabindex order.


      // Mac code - will work with this.