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    Flash and PHP

    macrunning30 Level 1
      I am having trouble now that I have set my server not to register_globals off my flash script is not sending the variables to the .php file. I have a simple flash coupon that has 3 fields to retrieve email, phone and name. The text input from the user is not passing to the .php script which would then take the info and email it to my client. Here is the bit of flash code I have:

      // Verify that all fields are filled out, if not display the "Please Fill" message
      // Else send data to "send.php" script.

      sender.onRelease = function() {
      if (theName.text == null || theName.text == "", theEmail.text == null || theEmail.text == "", thePhone.text == null || thePhone.text == "") {
      pleaseFill._visible = true;
      } else {
      senderLoad.theName = theName.text;
      senderLoad.theEmail = theEmail.text;
      senderLoad.thePhone = thePhone.text;
      senderLoad.sendAndLoad("emailer/send.php", receiveLoad);

      Any help on this would be great. Thanks so much.