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    Premiere Pro CS4 crashing.. Advice please


      A customer of mine has CS4 and it constantly crashes. This can be at any point at start up or after 2 -3 hours work. The hardware is as follows.

      HP Workstation XW8200 Xeon cpu3.6Ghz, 4GB system Memory DDR2/400Mhz running Win XP sp3. I have upgraded the Graphics card to a Nvidia Geforce 9800GT with the latest driver ( I have turned of indexing on the drive. The HDD arrangement is Raid 0 using two disks with a total of 297MB, there are no other HDD and everything uses this volume.

      The sound card is the standard on board that is shipped and is Sound Max the driver is the latest available from HP but is dated 2003.

      A crash file is generated when the application crashes although I dont have this at the moment.

      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Apart from the severely lacking disk setup, which does not meet minimum requirements, it is difficult to tell without details.


          What is 'crashing'? BSOD, system hang, not responding, mouse freeze, something else?


          When does this happen, on startup, while editing? Editing what material in what sequence? How polluted is the system, what other processes are running, what software versions are used, and the list goes on and on.


          Look here and follow the included links as well and supply the details requested: Some suggestions

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            petejTSG Level 1

            In this system the "crashing" can occur at any point, sometimes it happens almost as soon as the application is launched other times it can be minutes or even hours into working. The application stops responding and a message is generated saying that the application has had to close and a log file has been generated. There is no bsod and the rest of the system works ok, it is the application (cs4) that seems to be having the problem.

            I had a feeling that the disk setup was not correct but I have inherited this problem so am coming in half way through so to speak. I personally don't have much experience with premiere pro but have ownership of this problem so need to get it sorted. To that end what would be your recommendation regarding the disk setup? Say the most basic that would function without any problems and say a setup that would provide some redundancy.

            As far as the system itself is concerned it is a clean install with only AV (sophos) and MS office.

            Many many thanks for your response so far.

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              Look here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/525263?tstart=0

              and here: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/427772?tstart=30


              Raid0 for the boot disk is 'not done'. A single disk is sufficient, if you want redundancy go for raid1.


              Use a separate disk for pagefile, media cache and scratch and another disk for source media as a bare minimum.


              Read the articles I linked to, including the 'Suggestions' link.

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                petejTSG Level 1

                Many thanks for all your help. I will do some reading.