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    The problem with using memory upload files to the server using FileReference and script on the serve


           The problem is that when using the FileReference class and the method of upload (urlRequest: URLRequest) upload files to the server operating system for Max OS X and Flash Player 10, is fundamentally different from unloading tethers for Linux and Windows with an identical version of Flash Player 10 , so that Max OS X file WHOLE first loaded into memory, and then given to the server, while on the OS (Linux and Windows) file is not loaded all into memory and immediately begins to flow pumped to the server. Accordingly, in Mac OS X, large files (over 4GB) can not be uploaded to the server.

           Accordingly, the question: 'What bound this difference in functional behavior? how to get around this? or is this a bug, how soon it will be corrected '.      And the second question, Is it possible in Flex Gumbo read the file piece by piece, with some bytes from a given shift?