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    AME stops working and Premiere Pro CS4 crashes


      I'll try to make a long story(nightmare) short. After having worked many happy years with Premiere pro 1.51 and Windows XP Pro, I decided recently to upgrade everything to Windows 7 Pro 64 bits and Premiere Pro CS4.

      Hardware config: AMD Phenom II 955  3.2 Ghz with 6 Gb Corsair  RAM, Ati Radeon 4890, 2 internal WD HD 750 Gb 7200 rpm, and 1 external e-Sata 1 Tb  devoted to Video storage.  Dual boot system.

      One internal HD with Windows 7 Home OS for my current apps, and the other OS is devoted to Windows 7 Pro 64 bits, only for Video.

      With this video O-S,  I have installed only Adobe Premiere CS4, VReveal, Adobe Photoshop Elements 6. Not even antivirus. that's all.

      I purchased CS4 in november and for the first few weeks tested the program. Seemed to work fine. Didn't even burn a DVD. A few days ago, I decided to work on a project including 6 different sequences from 4 minutes to 20 mn each. The first 5 sequences were exported to AME, encoded MPEG2 16:9 and imported into Encore. Everything OK. My nightmare started with the last sequence (20 mn). When sent to AME, the encoder stopped working and froze. The only way to get out was thru "End Task".  Tried many times with the same results.


      After consulting this forum, I deemed it necessary to un-install CS4 and reinstall it with International English as the option. When I re-installed  CS4 from the DVD, US English comes by default and no other choice is made possible (the option is light grey). Then came the feared message "Installation failed"   Then I clicked on "More Onformation" and I got Adobe Support Advisor diagnostic.



      Screen Capture.JPGAdobe Error.JPG


      I tried 6 times uninstalling and re-installing CS4 with no other result.

      Then I called Adobe Tech Support @1-800-8336687 and was transfered to 4 different so-called tech representatives before one decided to help. He guided me to a re-install which ended with the same failure message. Then he said that despite this message, the install was OK and that I had to continue with another rep specialized in AME. Another transfer to another person who this time obviously hardly knew what was CS4 and AME. Had me open another administartor account and left. By the way Adobe should not be proud of their Customer service. Can hardly be worse.

      Then everything started crashing, from {Premiere to Encore, to say nothing about AME.

      Now, I would like to know what are my options.   Here is what I am considering:

      1. consider that CS4 is wasted money and go back to Premiere 1.51

      2.Give it another try, reformat my HD, re-install Windows7 and CS4  ... and see what happens

      3. Buy TPMGEnc encoder and use it in lieu of AME

      4. listen avidly to any advice any guru can give me   ... i cross my fingers fo this last option. who knows, it's Xmas!!!